Tap into Safety Training Platform

Keeping every worker safe, every day

The Tap into Safety Platform provides workplace safety and mental health training and detailed reporting. We have a substantial library of online and mobile-friendly out of the box workplace safety and employee mental health training courses that cover a wide range of industries.

We are regularly adding to the library with new workplace health and safety training courses. Tap into Safety can also provide custom-built courses to cover specific workplace scenarios.

Clients use Tap into Safety for their online safety induction, as hazard awareness training, the theory part of the VOC’s, and as part of their well-being programmes.. The software can be easily placed on your current systems, portal or LMS.


Structured, simple learning process
The employee results are available immediately after a training course is completed
The report outlines the employee’s hazard awareness skills and their understanding of controls and critical controls for each hazard
The employee mental health training uses animated story-telling to teach coping strategies
The safety training uses interactive 360-degree panoramic scenes and Micro-Learning animated videos to train in safe practice
The Safety Induction template is designed to upload our out of the box courses to save you time and money
Online and mobile-friendly delivery
Substantial library of out of the box training courses developed by industry experts
You need a stable internet connection. Training cannot be used offline


Cloud platform The Tap into Safety training platform has a comprehensive library of online safety and mental health training courses with detailed reporting and easy to understand analytics.
Safety Clients use Tap into Safety for their online safety induction, as hazard awareness training, the theory part of the VOC’s, and as part of their well-being programmes.
Training Our Safety Training courses use unique 360-degree panoramas of realistic workplace environments together with e-learning.
Relative business impact
CO2 footprint reduction:
Cost reduction:
Safety improvement:
Technology Readiness Level
Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven

About Tap into Safety

While mandatory safety training and site inductions are commonplace, it is inexperience, hazard blindness and worker stress that cause the greatest factors contributing to work related injuries and fatalities. Tap into Safety set out to solve what we saw was a largely unaddressed problem within industry: the lack of engagement in safety and mental health training.

Off the success of the safety training courses, in 2016, we extended the platform to include training and support for employee mental health. We recognised the key issues that organisations face are stigma and the unwillingness to seek help by employees with declining mental health. 

Tap into Safety’s vision is to keep employees both physically and psychologically safe using engaging training. We want to support organisations to improve safety performance and to support a mentally healthy workplace. Ultimately, we want to work alongside organisations to see the number of workplace injuries and fatalities decrease.

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