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Getting technology deployed and replicated – 3 tips for Operators

No one would argue with the statement that effective technology deployment is essential to reap the full benefit from technology & innovation efforts. Strangely enough, though, there are very few companies that we know of that have someone who is overall responsible for the technology deployment drive within the company.

Getting technology deployed and replicated – 3 tips for suppliers
Getting technology deployed and replicated | 3 tips for suppliers

Operators naturally hold many of the keys to accelerate the uptake of technology within their organisation, but there are also things that suppliers can do more of, such that the chances increase that technology is getting deployed and replicated by others. In this blog, we want to share 3 tips for suppliers.


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Streamlining your technology deployment activities with clear guidance

Most Operators would agree that technology and innovation are critical to remain competitive. Also, most Operators would agree with the statement that effective deployment is key to reap the full benefit from the technology & innovation efforts. Yet, few companies that we know of have effective technology deployment guidelines in place, such that it is clear to staff the steps they need to take to effectively get technology deployed into the business.

Best of both worlds
Combining the best of both worlds with a customised, ring-fenced platform

Over the years we have supported tens of different Operators with streamlining technology delivery. Essentially all these companies have some sort of internal technology catalogue, in different shapes and forms. Sometimes these catalogues are very basic; such as an overview in PowerPoint or in Excel. And sometimes these catalogues are more advanced, including web-based environments. 

Technology solutions meet deployment expertise
Technology solutions meet deployment expertise: How the Technology Catalogue will help deployment in the energy industry was launched in Q3 2018 as a key tool to support the deployment of novel and proven technologies in the energy industry. It may be interpreted as a ‘Tripadvisor’ like web platform for technologies. However, there are also some key differences as deploying technology is unfortunately not as simple as booking a hotel or restaurant. Read this blog to find out how connects an overview of technologies for the energy industry from deployment expertise to maximise impact for suppliers, end-users and investors.

How to build a Technology Plan?
How to build a Technology Plan? A practical guide for leaders and practitioners.

The current  business climate poses many threats, but also offer opportunities to do things differently. As a result, many people have been tasked with building a Technology Plan for their organisation. For those that have never built such a plan, it can be difficult to determine where to start. In this blog we give you some practical guidance.

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How effective is your company in getting technology deployed?

One of the books that I read years ago when I did my MBA was Crossing the Chasm, by Geoffrey Moore. The book describes the challenges to get products accepted by the early majority; this requires a different approach compared to selling products to innovators and early adopters.

MISI strategy
Minimizing the inspection scope for Turnarounds by applying a Minimum Intervention Strategy

The Minimum Intervention Strategy for Inspection was launched at the API Inspection Summit in Galveston. The objective is reducing the scope for turn arounds by optimizing the use of Risk-Based Inspection analysis, applying Non-Intrusive Inspection where possible and replacing human entries for inspection with robot inspections.

portfolio analysis
Is your technology portfolio robust in the current environment?


CTO’s and other technology leaders in Oil & Gas companies may all recognize this… You have a portfolio of technology solutions to address business challenges, and you’re experiencing less pull for the technologies as a result of COVID-19 and the low oil price. Or even no pull at all!

Tech Positioning Programme
Attract the right customers for your technology with the Tech Positioning Programme!


Although today’s business environment is clearly very challenging, there are still many opportunities to make a difference with technology. How can you maximise the chances of success, and organise your activities such that the uptake of technology is accelerated, even in today’s environment?