Radial Drilling

Steerable and measurement-while-drilling equipped radial drilling system

V2H operates a through casing system using a mechanical mill to create an exit window followed by deployment of a Measurement While Drilling (MWD) equipped, steerable, semi-rigid hose utilising high pressure water to drive a cutting jet.  Multiple laterals can be created on each horizon and multiple horizons per well are also readily achievable. Field deployment on existing well service rigs helps to contain capital cost.


Multiple laterals in multiple zones from one vertical wellbore
Controlled deployment allows a surveyed drill path within target strata
Allows extended drainage even in areas close to aquifers or other areas where fraccing is unsuitable
Readily access bypassed pay zones
Overcome near wellbore stress fields
Maximum lateral length is 100ft (30m)


Applicability Easily operable on all current workover & drill rigs in use. No special equipment required.
Areas of Application Conventional & unconventional resources at depths less than 4500ft (~1350m).
Capabilities The V2H system is not fully commercially mature. The next phase of field work entails many wells to prove system reliability, repeatability and to ensure no well production impairment occurs.
Collaboration V2H Australia would like to collaborate with resource owners/operators to unlock value for both parties.
Sizes Can be deployed in cased hole wells from 4 ½” (~114mm) and up.
Temperature Current system rated to 176 deg F (80 deg C).

About V2H Australia

V2H Australia is a world leader in innovative vertical-to-horizontal jetting technologies providing lower well CAPEX and OPEX costs and higher productivity and recoverability to the resource industry.

V2H Australia is a technology company dedicated to providing high-quality well work overs and completions utilising lateral water jetting. 

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