Offshore Water Treatment

Engineering oil-free water

OLEOLOGY provides a range of advanced, highly efficient services, onboard water treatment systems for offshore oil and gas industry effluent management. While other oil water separators (OWS) rely on mechanical separation or chemicals, MyCelx actually bonds with oil and other contaminants at a molecular level. This means oils, hydrocarbons, and other contaminants are removed almost completely without any water loss.


Contaminant levels reduced to less than 0.0001% or one part per million
Environmentally friendly solution
Easy to install, low maintenance, and cost effective
Can be customised to meet your flow rate and discharge requirements in a small footprint
OLEOLOGY system can also be set as a retrofit system
Not suitable for potable water


Accuracy < 1 ppm effluent discharge systems
Areas of Application Oil and Gas | Marine | Mining | Urban Water Filtration | Waste Water Treatment
Capabilities Oil Water Separation | Oil Spill Kits | Water Sanitation
Compatibility Full-scale water treatment system for an offshore rig | A smaller localised system for an oil-water separator
Technical Support Assists with upgrades and modernisation of existing systems as required | Technical expertise and the latest technologies for our clients
Relative business impact
CO2 footprint reduction:
Cost reduction:
Safety improvement:
Technology Maturity Level
Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven


OLEOLOGY is an Australian based company that’s committed to creating cleaner water for our clients throughout Australia and New Zealand. We offer advanced oil and hydrocarbon removal solutions that make recycling and decontaminating water quicker, simpler, and more cost-effective.

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