Aerial Inspection Services

Multi purpose unmanned aerial vehicles

Drone technology is steadily being incorporated as a sustainable practice for asset managers in the energy industries. ARV and our business partners are capable of providing good quality service with different drone solutions like:

  • Multi-Purpose Inspection Octocopter
  • Internal Multi-Purpose Inspection Quadcopter
  • Manipulated Multi-Purpose Inspection Octocopter


Cost saving and low insurance cost
Improves worker safety through remote inspection
Receiving good, clear, close-up pictures allows operators to locate and accurately diagnose problems quickly
Decreased downtime and inspection costs
Limited flight time and distance due to limitation in battery technology
The real time drone image analytic is still under development


Areas of Application Inspection & Monitoring | Internal Tank & Confined Space Monitoring | Wall Thickness Measurement | Roof Inspection | Thermographic Analysis | Surveying & Mapping | Jetty Inspection | Smart Farming
Capabilities 30x Optical Zoom | 18 Mega-pixel Camera | Live 2.4 GHz Video Feedback
Certifications / licences API Inspector Certified
Deployment 40+ Flare tips inspected | 200+ Flights Completed
Operating conditions Splash and dust resistant | Fully Operational between 0°C - 50‎°C
Services Facility Inspection | Plant Integrity Improvement | Financial Savings
Relative business impact
CO2 footprint reduction:
Cost reduction:
Safety improvement:
Technology Readiness Level
Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven

About ARV

Rooted as a small robotic club under our parent organisation (PTTEP), AI & Robotics Ventures (ARV) is a technology spin-off from PTTEP and is dedicated to leverage cutting-edge AI & Robotics technology to create simplified solutions to business challenges.

Our ARV team has pioneered the development of highly complex AI & Robotic solutions for the E&P business and non-E&P industries, covering air, land, and sea applications.

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